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How can I trade back my Celebi from White to Diamond?

I accidentally used the Relocator thinking it would let me choose what pokemon I wanted to trade (with items as well because the Transfer doesn't let you do that) and now I have 2 Celebi's in White when I want it back in my Diamond game. How can I trade it back?How can I trade back my Celebi from White to Diamond?
You cannot trade Pokemon from Black and White to the older versions of the game such as Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HG/SS. Once a Pokemon has been transferred or Relocated it cannot be returned back to the game it was originally from. I do not know why people don't read the message that pops up when transferring and relocating Pokemon because there's a message that pops up saying once a Pokemon has be transfer it cannot be transferred back over.How can I trade back my Celebi from White to Diamond?
You can't. You can even read the instruction booklet and see for yourself, it says you can't.

How is a prong usually fixed on a white gold diamond ring ?

How is a prong usually fixed on a white gold diamond ring?How is a prong usually fixed on a white gold diamond ring ?
Re-tip 鈥?The broken prong base is filed smooth and metal is added to the break. The metal is then positioned over the diamond and smoothed and shaped.

Re-built prong- The entire prong from the break to the base is removed. A metal wire the same thickness of the other prongs is soldered in its place. The metal is trimmed and the tip is shaped and smoothed over the top of the diamond.

Good Luck!

How can i get these pokemon on diamond?

How do i get the golden/silver pokemon starters and legendaries on my diamond pokedex or just get them?

I have pokemon Blue, Silver, Saphire, and diamond versions, but i don't have a connector cable.

How can i get those pokemon, because i would use that online trading thing but you have to have them on your pokedex firstHow can i get these pokemon on diamond?
if u have wi fi trade with me it will take me a second but i can get u the three starters from gold and silver
First of all: You can't trade Pokemon from Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, or LeafGreen. The only way to get the Johto starters on Diamond is to buy Emerald and get all the Hoenn Pokemon in the Pokedex. You also have to have beaten Diamond and gotten the National Dex. :D and now for the matter of trading online with people. Do you have Wi-fi in your house? If you don't then there's no way you can trade or battle with people online. Your Pokemon Diamond should have come with a little Nintendo Wi-fi Connection booklet. Use that to set up your DS to wifi. You can trade with other people directly and talk to them if you get their Friend Codes and give them yours. (-o-) %26lt;%26lt; PokeballHow can i get these pokemon on diamond?
I could definitely be mistaken but i dont believe the starter pokemon from gold and silver are required in the first pokedex, which is needed to unlock the online trading.

If i am mistaken then you can see every pokemon you need through battles as you go through the game.
Action ReplayHow can i get these pokemon on diamond?
Your best bet would be Action Replay, with the catch any pokemon code.
what a queer
You can't do this on your Blue and Silver games, but for Sapphire, you can:

1. Underneath the touch screen of your DS, there should be a white cover thingy that's removable. You'll find a slot for Game Boy games.

2. Insert your Sapphire into that slot and turn on your DS with Diamond in the other slot.

3. On the screen (in Diamond) where you hit "Continue," "Help," etc, there should be another thing added, saying "Migrate From Sapphire." You don't need to have defeated Sapphire to do this, but you DO need to have defeated Diamond. (I know this because I've done this so many times)

4. You need to have six Pokemon (who don't have HM moves) in your PC box. Select the six you want and hit "OK."

5. It'll ask you if you want to migrate. IF YOU SAY YES YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET THOSE POKEMON BACK INTO GBA GAMES, SO CHOOSE WISELY! Say yes once you're certain of the choices you want to migrate. You can only migrate once a day.

6. Go to the Pal Park that's on Route 221 and they'll ask if you want to catch Pokemon by partaking in a "Catching Show." Say yes.

7. Now you'll be able to find the Pokemon that you migrated from Sapphire. The rarer they are, the more points they're worth!

You can get the Johto starters by having either Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD for GameCube. You need to have a Connector Cable (this comes with a Game Player Box that can be attached to the underside of your GameCube, I think).

In Colosseum, you encounter the Johto starters early in the game when you travel to the first place you visit, where you meet your partner who can see Shadow Pokemon (if you have the game, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not: they're Pokemon whose hearts have been closed. Battle using them and their hearts will open, little by little. They don't gain experience or moves until they're fully purified, so sometimes it might be a good idea to battle using Shadow Pokemon whose hearts just need to complete being open when they're not fully purified, so they gain a lot of experience. There's another place in Colosseum where you can purify Pokemon once their hearts are fully open, but that's not till later).

When you've purified a Shadow Pokemon, you can transfer them to your Sapphire Game, and repeat the steps I've mentioned above. You can also get Ho-Oh in this game once all of the Shadow Pokemon have been purified, so that's awesome!

In XD, you need to have defeated the game. Go to Mount Battle and you need to battle 100 consecutive Trainers (both Single or Double) and win them all.

After defeating the one hundredth trainer, you can choose any of the G/S/C starters. It doesn't matter which one you start out with, because you can get all three by beating those same trainers again!

Here's another twist: in Colosseum, you'll encounter Entei, Raikou, and Suicune as Shadow Pokemon in the game. The same is true for Zapdos, Lugia, Articuno, and Moltres in XD, when you battle the boss.

Lugia's a no-brainer; toss a Master Ball at it (which you get earlier in the game) and you're done! Easy, right? Nope! Zapdos and the other two legendary birds are part of the boss's all-Shadow Pokemon team. It doesn't matter how many times it takes you to catch them all. GETTING them is what matters.

I know this is a REALLY long answer, but it'll all be worth it in the end.

What is your friend code for pokemon diamond or pearl?

What is your friend code for pokemon diamond or pearl?

my name is corley and my code is 1762 1040 3346. Im looking for alot of people boys and girls. Im on now but if it says im off that means Im putting in your codefor pokemon diamond or pearl.What is your friend code for pokemon diamond or pearl?
My name is Anthony and my friend code is 3394 2819 2102.What is your friend code for pokemon diamond or pearl?

2191 6800 4112

Wanna battle??
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  • How much is gold worth right now? Im selling gold, diamond, gem jewelry on ebay & curious?

    Im selling a lot of diamond, gem gold jewelry on Ebay %26amp; noticed that alot of people are buying scrap gold to melt down I take it?? The jewelry Im selling has diamonds %26amp; gemstones in it, how much is gold worth right now %26amp; if they are melting the gold down, can they do that with the diamonds %26amp; gems in it?? Im just curious if anyone has additional info on this, thanks! How much is gold worth right now? Im selling gold, diamond, gem jewelry on ebay %26amp; curious?
    Gold is currently trading at $805.25 per oz.
    Gold prices are fairly high, don't know the exact price, but when you sell jewelry to refiners you typically get a spot price, which is about 70% of the actual metal price. If you're interested in sell off scrap gold and jewelry without the hassle of ebay check out http://www.goldintomoney.comHow much is gold worth right now? Im selling gold, diamond, gem jewelry on ebay %26amp; curious?
    Gold prices vary rapidly, so it's best to check before you post something on E-bay. As I post this, gold is $797.50 / troy ounce.

    Gold prices are for pure 24K gold, so derate for anything less.

    Prices are quoted in $US / troy ounce. There are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce.

    The melting point of gold is quite high, 1947F, so I would recommend removing stones before refining. It is relatively easy to get the gemstones out if you don't mind damaging the piece.

    The prices you have been given so far are for bullion, not scrap. Scrap is generally processed by dealers and turned back into bullion, so they pay slightly less than bullion price to cover the costs and make a bit of profit.

    Heres the latest prices from

    Prices / gram

    9ct - 拢 5.03

    14ct - 拢 7.83

    18ct - 拢 10.06

    22ct - 拢 12.30

    24ct - 拢 13.42

    How much is gold worth right now? Im selling gold, diamond, gem jewelry on ebay %26amp; curious?
    Gold is currently trading at slightlg over $800 per oz.
    around $800 the ounce
    From the question that you ask I would say you have very little experience in the gold selling business.

    If you were a genuine merchant you would already know to the cent how much gold is worth , in its pure form and also in its manufactured form, as well as the particular scrap value for each of the carat standards.

    Sure there are people buying gold for melting down, but that is only if there are people who have not put sufficient reserves on the items to cover the true value of the gold, ( I have bought gold many times on ebay)( I very rarely sell gold on ebay , because the bidders seem reluctant to pay even scrap gold prices ) As for finished items with gemstones if you are selling near scrap prices of the gold and not allowing for gem value and manufacturing cost you will go quickly broke, unless you have more money than sence, or the items you are selling are fake or stolen and you are happy to get what ever you can for the items.

    As other answers have suggested, if you are melting jewelery down , TAKE OUT THE STONES, you will probably get more for the stones if they are diamonds ,rubies ,sapphires and other precious gems than you would get for the gold.

    if you do not care about the stones of course you can melt the gold with stones in it as they will float off the molten gold and mix with the rest of the dross( non metalic scum )

    Warning!!!! Make sure there is NO, (0.00%),Lead in the melt mix or your gold will be unworkable as it will be very cracky when you work with it.

    But if your jewellery is gem set, then you should be getting more than scrap value, but to get it on eBay I wish you luck.

    Why has my diamond shattered in its setting?

    When cleaning my diamond ring I noticed that on of the diamonds appears to have shattered in its setting. I dont recall dropping or damaging the ring and never take it off. I though diamonds were almost indestructable. Oh and Iv had it for a long time and had several independant valuations (for insurance) on it over the years and its not a fake.

    Why has my diamond shattered in its setting?
    Diamonds have planes of weakness where the diamond cutter decides to make the cuts. Your diamond probably had a naturally occurring fracture area that broke. Since you have had independent appraisals see if you can get it covered under your homeowners/renters insurance. Why has my diamond shattered in its setting?
    Diamond is very strong when loaded gradually, but it doesn't respond well to a sharp impact.

    However, I can't think why a small diamond set in a ring would shatter, though. Even if you dropped it, it wouldn't received much of a force. Thermal shock is also out of the question, as diamond is an extremely good conductor of heat.

    How to stop getting eggs from the daycare in Pokemon Diamond?

    How can I stop getting eggs from the daycare in pokemon diamond it wont stop! Is there an action replay code or something I can do to stop getting eggs because i need to breed pokemon.

    BEST ANSWERS WILL BE CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How to stop getting eggs from the daycare in Pokemon Diamond?
    Simple. When you see an egg showing on the daycare poketch, simply ignore it and go on with the game. Pokemon can only breed one egg at a time, so this literally jams their breeding, causing no more egg to be breed as long as you don't take that egg that's already there. This means that it prevents the pokemon from breeding any more eggs until u take the egg that's already there.How to stop getting eggs from the daycare in Pokemon Diamond?
    I don't really understand why you WOULDN'T want eggs if you are going to breed them...

    but if you put in pokemon that don't like eachother (you can check using the poketch application "Matchup Checker" which you can get by catching 5 or more pokemon in the safari in platinum, but i'm not sure how to get it in diamond.)

    or that are both male or both female they won't breed. also if you put in pokemon that aren't compatible they won't breed. (legendaries, ect.)

    if you HAVE to have the two pokemon that are non-stop eggmakers in there, then you will be forced to deal with all the eggs.

    but hey, eggs aren't really that much of a bad thing. they just give you pokemon with the chance of better stats/natures and also a VERY rare chance of a shiny. (if the two pokemon you have now aren't giving you shiny eggs, you won't get them from those two, as it's predetermined.How to stop getting eggs from the daycare in Pokemon Diamond?
    If you never collect the first one additional ones will not be made. Also, you can put two non-compatable pokemon in the center and they wont produce an egg. Information on compatability of Pokemon:鈥?/a>
    You could just keep saying no to the day care man asking if you want the egg.

    This may also be an effect from the action replay.Sometimes action replays can cause problems in your games.